Leading Great Southern trainer Steve Wolfe has urged the Western Australian racing community to lobby against the proposed privatisation of the TAB.

Wolfe warns any change to the current administration would have a significant and detrimental impact on the long term viability of the sport in WA.

“Once you privatise anything it becomes a one track interest and that is profits to the shareholders,” Wolfe said on TAB Radio.

“Governments can say they will put things in place but governments can change legislation and change statements.

“It will be alright for the first two years but after that they will break and pillage the system and we will be in a lot of trouble.

“I know high profile people in Queensland and they say they are going to be in dire straits because of privatisation.

“We have come off a 25 year boom and if the government think selling the TAB is going to save us we are in trouble.

“I don’t have an association with a party but as a racing industry we need to be lobbying the opposition.

“When you are involved in a sport and industry that has been very good to me and other people let’s keep it strong.

“RWWA has set up racing in WA and we don’t need to lose that.

“I am mortified about selling the TAB.”